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Technology: .NET

Courses Details
Title: VB.NET for Windows
Duration : 60 Days
Fee : 6500 Rs.
.NET Enterprise Architecture
Object Oriented Paradigm
VB.NET Fundamentals
Operators, Conditional, and Loops
Procedure, Scope and Exception Handling
Classes and Objects
Namespaces, Assemblies
Windows Form
Text Boxes, Rich Text Boxes
Labels and Link Lables
Buttons, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons
Panels and Group Boxes
List Boxes, Checked List Boxes
Combo Boxes and Picture Boxes
Scroll Bars, Spliters, Track Bars
Pickers, Notify Icon, Tool Tips
Times, Menus, Built-in Dialog Boxes, and Printing
Image Lists, Tree and List Views, Toolbar, Status
Progress Bars, Splash Screen and Tab
Graphics and File Handling
DLL Files
Windows Applications and Controls
Database Connectivity
Data Source Controls
Setup and Deployment
Crystal Reports