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Academic Projects
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An application by which a user can add, delete & update any number of person\'s details (name, address, contact no, gender, etc) and the option to view and search the stored information in the address book.
This project helps the crew who conduct events in villages in providing an interface to the teams to store their data in order to conduct awareness events efficiently. Through this project they can prepare schedule for the events, data needed in the events like videos regarding crops, PowerPoint presentation on seasonal crops and their related documents. Before going to any program in certain village they can be able to cross check the stuff needed in that event at any point of time.
ATC simulator gives information about air traffic for smooth movement of aircrafts. This task is performed by coordinating the positions of aircrafts & keeping them at safe distances and finally directing them during takeoff and landing from airports.
Airline Reservation System is an application to support direct contact with customer. To provide a more reliable, informative, faster & accurate system to process their reservation and cancellations from anywhere to any place. The Airline Reservation System (ARS) is a software application to assist an airline with transactions related to making ticket reservations, which includes blocking, reserving, canceling and rescheduling tickets.
Aspect Ratio values are used mainly in digital video software, where pictures are to be converted or reconditioned so that they can be used in other video systems other than the original. The video player software may use pixel aspect ratio to properly render digital video on screen. Video editing software uses Pixel Aspect Ratio to properly scale and render a video into a new format. The Aspect Ratio Calculator for digital video helps you make these calculations. All you have to do is enter one
The purpose of attendance and leave management system is to record and control employee working hours including daily attendance, monthly attendance summery, non-attendance/absent, leave management, early out, late comer, overtime etc.
It’s an advanced multipoint videoconferencing solution that enables remote sites to participate in a live conference with audio, video and document sharing. Audio can be transmitted to all conference participants concurrently. It gives user the ability to use a live video stream obtained from a PC camera and enables users to easily create, manage & share on demand presentations that combine text, graphic and audio that streams through the network.
The aim of this project is to carry out the day to day processes easily and quickly, which is not possible with the manuals systems like opening new accounts of customers, daily transactions (deposits/withdrawls) and modifications, maintaining accounts (Savings account, Current account, Fixed Deposit account, Loan account), searching record of a particular account holder or particular type of Accounts.
Barcode Generator is a program which able user to generate barcode images from well-known barcode formatting standards (Codabar, Code11, Code39, Code93, Code128, EAN-8, EAN-13, ISBN, Interleaved 2 of 5, Standard 2 of 5, MSI Plessey, UPC-A, UPC-E, UPC Extension 2, UPC Extension 5 et PostNet. For 2D Barcode, PDF417 and Aztec). The output images generated have been tested with a barcode reader device to confirm that they are correctly generated.
The motive of this program is to scan the bar codes printed on some product with the help of an imaging device and then decode the coded information into textual information by measuring the relative widths of the bars and spaces between them, which can b
The aim of this project is to manage the proper records of blood types present in a blood bank. Entering the details about the blood groups, members, addresses etc & preparing lists of donors & recipients and providing the user the facility for searching category wise blood records are the main motives in this project.
This is a complete application that was designed for some boutique to manage their clothes inventory and sales etc. The app has a control panel giving options like: Clothes (add, edit, delete), customers (add edit, delete) and clothes sales. Apart from normal sales some times customers give advance or sometimes they have dues. To solve this problem you can use customers tab to account those. There can be three reports generated: Selling & income, Losses & profits and Customers Reports.
Budget analysis is a useful web application that helps all sorts of business firms. The main strategy of the project is to automate the excel data and calculations into RDBMS to make data retrieval and manipulations easier.
\"It is a software application that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs(errors) in their work. It may be regarded as a type of issue tracking system. It keeps the track of software defects. It works in the center of your development team, connecting the team and the work being done. Track bugs and defects, link issues to related source code, plan agile development, monitor activity, report on project status, and more.\"
Vehicle Management System is software which is helpful for bus operators, who wants to operate many bus trips in a day. It is a windows application which focused in the area of adding, editing and deleting the passengers, staff and the bus routes. A person can be register as a user and he can manage the bus routes and the staff, passengers’ details. He can add a bus and its details like the type, engine number, and seating capacity including bus route details. Bus Management, Route Management,
It includes calculations like simple arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division). It can be expended with the operations like conversion of number systems and to perform logical operations.
A call center is a centralized office used for the purpose of receiving and transmitting a large volume of requests, queries & complaints by telephone. For this proper management is needed such as keeping the records of number of calls made and received, information asked by customers and then generate desired data for customer’s satisfaction which can be done by developing this.
Car Rental Management system features all standard features such as a planner, fleet management, fleet maintenance, invoice/rental agreements, and sales reports. It can calculate hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and mileage rates, to include seasonality. The application also manages number of locations, contracts, reservations and vehicles.
Cargo Tracking System is an online system for transporting various goods from one place to another and also viewing the customer about the current status of cargo by proper management of the data.
An application by the use of which a user can write files on a compact disk, or we can say transfer files freom the local hard drives onto the disk.
It is a solution developed to communicate between the users across worldwide through Internet. “Chat Server” is a chatting application that provides a good user interface with all the facilities of a chat application. Users have their user-id by which they can communicate with any other user, who is online. User gets a list of online users and can select any user and send a message.
It provides a modular cinema ticketing system that allows selling movie tickets 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a online web site on which user as well as theatre owner register themselves and use this site to update movies in theatre and search for particular location of theatre as well as book tickets for particular movie. Also theatre authority can check by ticket number for valid user.
The City Portal is aimed at providing information handy to the user. The user could obtain the information regarding the location, which the user wants to get, just by a click. The information that are provided by the City Portal are the local information of the area which includes, Hotels, Hospitals, Tourist Spots, Temples, Reservation availability details - Train, Bus, Flight, Search.
It is an integrated web application that handles various academic and non academic activities of a College/Academic Institute as like Student’s Admission, Fee management, Attendance Management, Staff Attendance Management, Staff Payroll Management, Library Management, User Management etc
Common Seat Allotment System is windows application in which students can register with their rank number for the entrance examination and the administrator can allot the seats for the students. Administrator can add the college details and the batch details. Using this software the entrance seat allotment became easier and can be implemented using system. The main advantage of the project is the computerization of the entrance seat allotment process. Administrator has the power for the allotmen
Computer Resource Management System (CRMS) is a total management and informative system, which provides the up-to date information of all the computer resources in the company. CRMS helps the company to overcome it’s difficulty in tracking the resources of the company by presenting the customized reports, which helps in effective and timely utilization of the hardware and the software resources.
Construction management system facilitates the maintenance of necessary data (Contract with parties, daily work reports, contractor payments & material management etc) as well as generation of reports and queries for planning, design, construction and monitoring of irrigation projects. The system provides accurate and relevant information to support effective decision-making at different levels. Also provides effective ways to share data and information among various management levels and concer
‘Construction PLUS’ is an application in which user can get help of the designers, engineers and Vaasthu experts for the construction of our new houses or buildings etc. In this site user can get the list of contractors, engineers and hardware dealers in their locality. There is a form for entering our ideas or concepts like three bed rooms and facilities which we want for our home or our offices and we will get an estimate to our plan from different engineers with an opportunity to contact
This project is to create an application tool for an organization which will offer cab services for corporate companies and to offer fleet service to corporate employees, Based on their shift timing allotting specific cab to the employee.
CRIS is a unique software application that allows users to efficiently manage their courier client information. With its intuitive, yet powerful, functionality CRIS allows users to easily organize courier customer information, create routes, track activity, and generate in-depth management reports.
This software provides facility for reporting online crimes, complaints, FIR & missing persons and can view missing & most wanted person’s details. Any Number of clients can connect to the server and can view hot news, crime status updated by the admin.
This application has features necessary for cafe owners - it provides full billing, locking unused computers, generates detailed reports and supports different password protected employee accounts. It handles the connection between the client and server for administering screen lock/unlock, shutdown and reboot, authorize user login sessions. It manages detailed information about connected computer like computer name, user code, total amount, used amount, left amount. It can provide a ticket for
This aim is to design an application to generate bills for the internet users in a Cyber café by calculating the proper amount if billing for separate time intervals. Theses time intervals are to be define seperately by the user (eg: Rs.20 for 30 minutes, Rs.30 for 60 minutes)
Day Planner is a program designed to help you easily plan and manage your time. It can manage appointments, birthdays and more and makes sure you remember your appointments by displaying reminders
An application which fetches the system timing and display as it is in the designed application in digital format (eg: 17:35).
This project aims at implementing a digital vehicle management system using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. This digital vehicle management system will enhance the utilization of parking space and help user check the availability of the parking space remotely since the system is connected to the Internet.
This is the application which provides user to maintain contact details and remind them their present and future activities. It provides address book to add and search, modify contacts, note book to set reminder for dead line dates of project and reminders to set reminder for recent future activities.
Download accelerator is an application used to downloads any kind of data i.e., text, audio, video, etc from the Internet with high speeds and to allow multiple files to download simultaneously from the server or even in an intranet to download the files from the local server or from other host which provides some extra features like pause, resume etc.
The E-Gift Shoppe sells different types of products to customer living in any part of the world. It shows all products in categorized manner. Customer can browse any product for its price and other details and can order the product with shipping & billing details. Customer has to pay order amount online through credit cards. Products can be managed by operators from admin panel.
In this the programmer provides the user such an interface in which during the usage of the programmed/designed application the user get entertained and learn something as well. A helpful application for teachers by the use of which they can teach their students or childs easily.
It includes calculation of fares by managing the routes of particular bus service for passengers.
EMS is a fully computerized system by which admin can maintain lists of the employee’s table. Admin can insert a new entry (Details of an employee like designation, years of experience, age, name etc) or also can delete or edit an entry, search for a employee’s record, sort the entries in ascending or descending order etc.
This is an online application which provides user to view a large variety of jewellery items, cosmetics, clothing etc. User can buy any of these products online and can make the payment online.
Fee Collection Software is useful to save and maintain and calculate balance of fees collected from student. Here students can pay fees in many installments. Their all ‘installment records’ like Receipt No, Date, Paid Fees will get saved in database and accordingly balance will get generated.
This application lets user to reduce the overall number of bits and bytes in a file (reduce file size) or take up less space on a disk.
A computerized interactive forecasting system developed for the Finance Department permits the analysis of large amounts of data on a timely basis. The financial analyst, from a remote terminal, can communicate with the computer to access, update and report forecast data as well as manipulate any or all of the financial models. The forecasting system is designed to place complete control of operation in the hands of the users, and also to provide flexibility in adapting to constantly changing fi
Fleet Maintenance Management System is an application to maintain group of vehicles regarding their services, repairs and parts/inventory and also details regarding employees, vendors of the organization. This system is fully based on vehicles and their management. It keeps track the information about the vehicles, employees, vendors and the parts. It also the keeps track the maintenance performed for different vehicles which are used for transportation.
Folder Lock is file lock & file encryption software to password protect folders on drive and USB. By the use of this user can hide/unhide the folders by protecting them with a password.
Garment Inventory Management Software helps any garment industry in managing production, and controlling inventory by tracking information about current raw material details, stock in & stock out details, finished goods, and purchase orders from customers, and generating invoices & daily Reports.
The aim of this project is billing and maintaining stock in a gas agency. It is the management of booking of order for gas but only after completing a certain period from the previous delivery by phone calls or by personal from the customers and deliver the gas cylinders to their address based on their demand and previous delivery date. Storing name, address and stock details in a database also is there.
Hospital Management System includes registration of patients, storing their details into the system and also computerized billing in the pharmacy, and labs. Our software has the facility to give a unique id for every patient and stores the details of every patient and the staff automatically. It includes a search facility to know the current status of each room. User can search availability of a doctor and the details of a patient using the id
The project is based upon proper management of record of guests and reserve rooms beforehand. Allowing customers to know the availability of the rooms on a particular date and giving them the privilege to reserve the available rooms according to their need is the main motive.
The aim of this project is to transfer an image (.jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp etc format files) from the local hard drives (client) to web server.
Purpose of this project is to provide user the ability for drawing complex business & scientific charts. It provides utility that outputs a variety of charts (Bar charts, Pie charts, Line and area charts, Scatter plots and bubble charts, XY-plots and time series plots, Time series, high/low/open/close and candle stick charts, Gantt Chart etc)
Insurance management system is a web based online project. The main aim of the project is any customer can access the system through website at any time without going to the company and can collect all information like as a new policy details, agent address and phone no also. Customers can also check the status of the customers who have taken new policies and their proper track and reminding of policy premium payments.
This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up, GPRS, ADSL, LAN and so forth (TCP/IP) connections to the Internet. Recording session timing(total hour, used hour, left hour etc), connection speed, data reception/transmission speed and finally calculation of totals of session timing and data usage are the function performed in this project.
The aim is to develop an automated lab which includes information about all lab items, Doctors, patients and purchase of this clinic. This system gives a generalize, concise and accurate information regarding billing, purchase details. stock etc.. This system provides any type of enquiry such as patient details, stock, purchase details, purchase return details, billing.
LAN Chat is a real-time messaging intranet system which allows you to exchange text messages and transmit files. Using a peer-to-peer architecture, LAN Chat can deliver text messages between workstations in real-time.
The project LAN communicator is an easy-to-use system for LAN messaging application. A server is not required and is easy to install. This system comes with a host of useful features like message notification alarms, personal or group messaging and an intuitive interface. Strong encryption is provided in this system and no unauthorized person can access the correspondence.
This project gives the complete information about the library. User can enter the record of new books and retrieve the details of books available in the library, can issue the books to the students and maintain their records and can also check how many books are issued and stock available in the library. User can maintain the late fine of students who returns the issued books after the due date.
This program finds the day(Sunday, Monday etc) of user\'s birth depending on the birthday data provided by user and finds how many times he/she will get their birthday on the same day in their entire life.
It deals with identifying the clients to send and receive mail with the same login. This utility allows multiple clients to login enables them to send and receive mails. This project has Inbox, compose and address list for proper use of the application.
Online Matrimonial Application System is which covers functions like matrimonial management and processing of a matrimonial agency. It provides services to all for matchmaking for individuals looking for their life partner after registration with or without fixing any priorities. The main aim of this application referred as “Online Matrimonial Application System” is to computerize a matrimonial company. Operators provide login name and password to the customers. Administrator can add, edit a
Its purpose is to get input from the user in matrix form and provides the ability to the user to add, subtract, and multiply the data. It also provides the user to find the transpose, inverse, adjoint of the matrices.
An application to play audio files ( Eg: mp3, wav, wma etc) and video files (Eg: wmv, mp4 etc)
It includes invoicing, inventory and stock control, accounting, client and vendor management. The motive is to help user to track all the profits, loss, profitable clients and products of medical shop. Managing inbuilt account group and account ledgers, option for setting Default Company. This System will store the information of medicines (selection, delivery, expiry dates) & customers in the system. It will also store the information about stock details (Medicines availability).
This module provides an easy and simple method of updating information related to deposits and withdrawals in the bank records. It includes creating new accounts and account numbers with access codes which are unique and confidential by which customers will interact. It supports various transactions done by the customer (Requests for stopping the payment, ability to view the current status of their accounts, get a detailed reported of the transaction carried out during a specified period, transf
This project provides a convenient e-mail service which lets user to send text message through an E-mail with direct push on user’s mobile phone.
The aim of this project is to attain the current position of a mobile phone, stationary or moving which may occur either via multilateration of radio signals between (several) radio towers of the network and the phone, or simply via GPS.
An easy to use mobile billing system, recharge coupon managing, managing sale & purchase accounts.
It is a website which reduce the time and effort needed to regularly check sites for updates, creating a unique information space or personal newspaper.
An application in which user will be provided a rich text box in which the user can write plain text, format the text accordingly (Bold, italic, underline, font size & style etc) and then according to the requirement can store it on the local hard drive. The options for find & replace, printing etc can also be developed inside the same.
The aim of the project is to allow teachers to conduct examinations offline to the students. The students are not allowed to go back to the previous question once they click the next question. This option is up to the teachers, to decide either enable such an option or disable the option. The teachers are also given option to set the time limit of the exam. When the students start their exam, after the allotted time, the exam automatically ends and a grade sheet is printed to the students. The e
To keep the day by day tally record as a complete financial system, information of Income, provisions, different funds, taxes, and different loan assets, share holders, company liabilities, different source of funds, expenditure, other expenses and managing them. The exciting part of this project is; it displays the day book, Profit and Loss Acc, Statistical Summary.
Online Auction is an online auction web site aimed at taking the auction to the finger tips of aspiring bidders there by opening up the doors of the \"OPEN Auction House\' to a wider cross section of Art Lovers and Antique Collectors. This site also acts as an open forum where buyers and sellers can come together and exchange their products. The site makes sure that the sellers get a fair deal and buyers get a genuine product.
Online banking (or Internet banking) allows customers to do financial transactions operated by their retail or virtual bank in a public space without the need for a human clerk or bank teller. It facilitates the user to withdraw cash, transfer funds, view account statement, pay bills online etc.
Online Book zone allows visitors to collect books in a shopping cart. They can view the contents of their shopping cart at any time and may add or delete books to the cart. The program automatically calculates the total, sales tax, shipping charges, and grand total. When a visitor decides to check-out, the order information including the buyer\'s name, address and billing instruction is e-mailed to your order department (or whomever you choose) and a receipt is sent to the shopper.
Online Casino is a complete software application which is designed specifically to provide modern gaming experience to casino players at the comfort of their home, through broadcasted live casino games, secured payment solution, and automated administration and monitoring of the whole business operation.
This project is at management of CD’s in a CD Gallery. Its use is to issue and return of CDs from the gallery easier and handy way. It offers the facilities for adding new CDs Information, new customer information, managing the lists of issue CDs, return CDs, available CDs etc.
The Online Device Controller (ODC) is a multi-channel hardware administration system by which user can control equipments and appliances from any part of the world, through the Internet. This project, the \'Online Device Controller\' allows a remote user to login to the Web server and control the devices connected to the server.
Online examiner is a project in which admin can add any number of questions and then set a timer to answer all the questions within the timer. It provides the utility to the admin to generate the result sheet in a quick and efficient manner. Admin can add and delete questions anytime, set timer for the exam and finally view the results of the exam quickly.
This is a small project for managing personal contact details. you can add, edit, and delete contacts and addresses. a data grid displays all available contacts. you can select any contact in the grid and press the \'edit\' button to edit the details. when the \'edit\' button is pressed, all fields will become editable. after completing \'editing\', press the \'save\' button to save the details to database.
The main purpose of shopping cart is to make user’s business do, across the world by serving facilities to user’s potential customers of purchasing user’s product with a wide range of payment options from any where they are by different types of payment modes. At the same time, responsibility on selling side either product display, pricing, product explanation, billing, discounts, cost calculation, delivery and even communication with entire string connected with your business are performe
Online Registration system allows online submission of student application, Student Registration, Perform Computer based quiz/test. Online Student Registration System Project consists of Student Module for registration, profile editing, viewing test history, password change. Online Test/Quiz Module for starting test, conducting examination, calculating & storing test results, managing question banks.
This allows the users to choose the content or the television show they want to watch from an archive of content or from a channel directory by streaming the content directly to a media player.
The aim of this project is providing user to input text from computers by the use of sensor screens like hand-held PCs, smart phones, etc or with remote controls such as mice, e-pens, etc. being the only input devices but without the use of actual keyboar
The motive of this application is to keep tracking of the patient’s registration in a hospital or clinic, allowing user search for previous visit histories of any patient, search for patients by name and other properties etc. Managing record of a patient like operated by which doctor, patient’s disease & treatment details, date wise no of visits by the patient is also there.
It implements a payroll system that accepts employee hours worked compute net pay and record all the payroll data for subsequent processing. The management of daily attendance & hours worked for employees, compute employee\'s net pay after deductions (PF, Tax etc) of the employees.
Performance Analyzer is the web application which helps managers in an organization to evaluate the performance of their staff. It manages information about the employees, manager. It deals with maintaining the official and personal details of the staff to evaluate their performance. They can view their overall score based on their performance. Performance can be measured by parameters such as knowledge of work, quantity/quality of work done, punctuality & professional Contribution etc.
This is s system for Inventory Control (Sale/ Sale entry) and Accounting with detailed Sales and Purchase Analysis. With its powerful features it is ready to meet requirements of Petrol pump. It manages the sales/purchase reports, meter readings, sales bills, cash details, trader details etc. It displays total sale on shift basis and on a particular date, on shift basis.
The Catsight is a picture gallery system which involves file system object to manipulate files and folders. This system allows the user to create his own picture gallery and catalogues, every user has a very own dynamic administrative part to administer the catalogue/picture gallery and a file manager module allow upload, delete, edit, create folder, move, download pictures/folders. The catalogue can be viewed at any time by any one.
It deals with matters concerned with professional placements of students. Short listing of students according to company\'s requirements and generating appropriate student\'s list, managing list of students already hired in respective companies are the main features in this project.
This project report on Portfolio Management Services, Process of Portfolio Management Promptness of Services, Quality & flexibility of services, Service charges, Track record of the company, Minimum interest required, Database & computerization, Research division, Reporting, Networking, Simplicity of procedures Broker card.
Prison Information System manages all the details about the prison. It covers the core functions of a prison performed by the Remission Section of the prison. It is useful for both performing the day-to-day routine jobs as well as for providing appropriate information for the administration at different levels including District Collector, District Police Office, Courts, the Prison Headquarters, etc.
Provident Fund Management (PFM) is an integrated software to keep track on the Provident Fund Investment/Details etc and calculate the net amount of PF of each employee..
It manages all the class wise reservation related functions. The administrator can change train information like change in train name, number etc. The passenger can check their reservation status online by entering their PNR no. The system will display his current status like confirmed, RAC or waiting list. They are also able to see information related to the train schedules.
The aim of this application is managing and listing of properties on the web with highly secured and much more option like location wise category, type wise (residential, commercial, lot etc). User can add/delete any number of properties anytime. The application can be used by buyer, seller, room partner, Paying Guest etc.
It’s system in which customers\' just search and place orders online. Instead of providing products from only one rental show room the application is acting as interface between user and the rental showroom owners. Any rental showroom owners want to display their products in the site have to just simply register in by providing personal information and credit card number. It provides features for vendors to edit or delete their products and communication between customer and the vendor and mai
It helps the restaurant manager to manage the restaurant more effectively and efficiently by computerizing meal ordering, billing and inventory control. By the proper management of price listing of food & beverages any single person can operate upon billing.
The purpose of the system is to generate a user friendly environment to generate the various reports of the students like the subject wise report, practical reports, overall class result report, percentage wise report, how many pass and fail for each subject’s report and their respective graphical representations for convenient analysis with proper provision for editing, adding and deleting the various details of the faculty, student, subject, semester and department.
Route planning is an application designed to plan a (optimal) route between two geographical locations using a journey planning engine, typically specialized for road networks as a road route planner. It provides provide a list of places one will pass by, with crossroads and directions that must be followed, road numbers, distances, etc. It also usually provides an interactive map with a suggested route marked on it.
This project is aimed at developing an online Sales and Inventory Management System (SIMS) for a departmental store. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, generate sales and inventory reports periodically etc.
An application which is responsible for any kind of transaction related to student fee. Managing proper data for late fees, fines, different kinds of funds in student\'s fee (Tuition fee, annual charges, NCC funds etc) is the main motive.
This School Management System helps us to maintain the information about student records (Name, Roll No, Std etc), school faculty\'s records, timetable, fee structures, examination result and library management.
Creating an application in which a user can generate a quiz by adding multiple objective type questions, can define a time limit in the quiz for students to complete the quiz within a defined time interval and finally generation of the results.
The aim of this project is to download videos from the online website \"\" and enables users to save the video files on local drives.
This Project deals with development of education services based on Short Message Service (SMS). Here the student is intimated about any information /notification through SMS. He can also know his enrollment information, results/test-scores, enrollment information, university notifications, internship opportunity, parent alerts etc by this service.
It is an online application by the use of which user can send or receive messages after beign logged in using a profile and then can add/remove audio, video files, can chat with his/her connected friends etc. Eg: Orkut, Facebook etc
The goal of this project is to convert the textual data into speech.
Street Racing Community is an application to simplify the management of all your members contact information including race number and class, Venue Details including maximum riders allowed and Race Details including date, venue and price. Entrants/members information is stored & user can easily add them to a race, allowing you to quickly prepare your race list ready for use in Race Lap Timer Professional.
It deals with all kind of student details, academic related reports, college details, course details, curriculum, batch details and other resource related details too. It tracks all the details of a student from the day one to the end of his course which can be used for all reporting purpose, tracking of attendance, progress in the course, completed semesters years, coming semester year curriculum details, exam details, project or any other assignment details, final exam result.
It manages student’s roll no, name, marks and grade etc. The aim is to accept/display details of students and to calculate grade based on marks obtained by student.
The aim is to generate invoices by managing product no, product name, price, qty, tax, discount of products. Administrator can create, modify, view and delete product details.
This is a web application by which any organization can manage tasks among its employees. This project has various small parts like commenting on task, upload and download files, task forwarding, editing existing and creating new project, task, employee, user and clients etc and crystal reports. Creating tasks, deleting task and managing the task\'s history also be there.
This Project is aimed to investigate the development and usage of modern information technologies in tax management, and modernization of tax administrations. Specifically, the project tries to investigate e-declaration and e-tax payment systems. E-declaration (or online tax filing, e-tax return filing, e-filing) can be defined as the tax-return filing system by aid of computer and internet. E-tax payment system is an information system by which tax-payers would pay electronically tax-due.
It deals with the various levels of Teaching Staff information from notification and Appointment of teacher, Up to retirements of teachers including Salary details, leaves information etc. Maintaining their data, and maintaining Accounts of that Particular Section and so on.
Telephone answering machine is a device for answering telephones and providing Real time recording of all incoming calls with voicemail storage with CallerID information, Time & Date automatically. User can play all recorded messages with a click of a button from your multimedia speaker and can replace greeting with own custom greeting.
The project calculates the telephone bills automatically. It does almost every work which is related to automatic telephone billing connection system via- new connection, customer record modification, viewing customer records & all works related to rate of bills, meter readings, late fee calculation according to the usage, in addition to bill calculation and bill generation.
This project is aimed at developing a Time Table Generator for colleges by managing the time properly. Colleges are supposed to make time tables for each semester which used to be a very tedious and pain staking job. Each teacher and Student is eligible for viewing his own timetable once they are finalized for a given semester but they can’t edit them.
The aim is to provide the user to test his/her typing skills. Calculation of typing speed, accuracy of typed words are the main parts of this application.
The purpose of this application is to enable or disable the use of USB port for security reasons so that the outsiders may not have the privileges to access their USB drives.
The vehicle dealership management system is an intranet based web application designed for the constancies control of the activities that take place within the dealer’s organization. The major concentration is to cross check the referential information related to the automobile that were sold at their branch level outlets, core issues of multiple branches implementation, with the multiple brands and sub brand implementation of the vehicles along with their color and features availability.
The Visual Traffic Simulation project aimed to provide an implementation to approximate urban vehicle movement using a microscopic simulation approach. The provision of providing timing to the vehicles to pass on managing the velocity of the vehicles and even the numbers (traffic) on defined roads in the project is the main motive.
It is a system that contains rules for valid voting, once a person cast his/her vote, with proper authentication the revoting will be prohibited. Once the voting is over, all the counting will be done online, result will be displayed by the winning nomine
Its a software application for retrieving, presenting, and traversing information resources on the World Wide Web. It enable users to access, retrieve and view documents and other resources on the Internet.

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