Technology: NETWORKING

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Nowadays every work in the industry depends on the internet and communication through PCs. It is possible only if there is network link available within them. So it computer networking, specifically focuses on explaining how the Internet works. How the data shared between various systems within the LAN and WAN? How bits are modulated on wires and in wireless to application-level protocols like BitTorrent and HTTP. It also explains the principles of how to design networks and network protocols. It also explains the DNS security, OSI and TCP/IP Model and routers communications for creating the network within the systems and easily sharing resources with each other. The Cisco offers various certification in this field such as CCNA/ CCNP/CCIE which is beneficial to step into the industry in the networking field.

Jobs in NETWORKING and Future Scope

Networking provides strong platform as it is primary required from small firm to large MNC's and even in the abroad industries. It certification gives tremendous opportunities to someone who had proper knowledge of networking and gives high salary package. It provides various profiles such as Network Administrator, Lab work, Communication Engineer, Network Analyst, Network Programmer etc. in the IT field with a great pay.

Courses Offered in NETWORKING

We offer 6 Weeks to 6 Months duration of courses.