Technology: MATLAB

matlab courses and thesis work in jalandhar


Matrix Laboratory is acronym for MATLAB. MATLAB is a 4th-Generation programming language based on the Math work like Matrix manipulation, functions/data and algorithms implementation with MuPAD toolbox. It is developed in late 1970s by the Cleve Moler, Chairman of Computer Science Department in the University of New Mexico. The courses offered with the MATLAB are MATLAB basic scripting programming, Image and Video processing in MATLAB Software building and SIMULINK. It basically provides help to the students who have to go through B.E/B.Tech/M.Tech/M.E/P.hd.

Jobs in MATLAB and Future Scope

With the learning of MATLAB, the scope for Research field also comes into career. After go through the MATLAB you can easily work as embedded trainer and Data Scientist. It will create opportunity to get platform in Big Data Scientist Field and System Engineer of Wireless Modem Technology.

Courses Offered in MATLAB

We offer One month duration of course. Also we provide research work and thesis implementation in MATLAB. Different areas we explore using MATLAB like Digital Image Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and more.