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Ethical Hacking
ethical hacking course and training in jalandhar


Today in the technical era, the main aim of a programmer is to secure its data from an unauthorized access. For this security purpose and to save the data from bad or illegal hackers there is term Ethical Hacking. In December 1993, two computer security researchers, Dan Farmer from Elemental Security and Wietse Venema from IBM suggest some techniques used by hackers to assess the security on the information. Ethical hacking is highly in demand for security purpose in every field of technology. Earlier Ethical hacking is used in military purposes but with the enhancement in computer world and networking its area gets advanced. This course cover various topics related to hacking techniques for emails, mobile phones, web data in an ethical way so that by learning all those various technqiues we can secure our systems.

Jobs in ETHICAL HACKING and Future Scope

In the IT sector Ethical Hacking provides network security and secures the data from the assess of black hackers. The Ethical Hacker must be involved with other areas of internet security for the corporation such as encryptions, security protocols and firewalls. As it has a large scope and opens a lot of career opportunities. Following are the designations that can be got by the person involves:

  • Network Security System Administrator/Manager
  • Systems/Applications Security Executive
  • Web security Administrator/Manager
  • Network Security Engineer
  • Data security specialist
  • Ethical Hacker

Courses Offered in ETHICAL HACKING

We offer 1 Month to 3 Months duration of courses.